Dennis Hickman
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Dennis Hickman started tattooing in 2007 at California Tattoo in Savannah Georgia; a high paced street shop where he learned to tattoo in many different styles. He proudly apprenticed under Isaac Dunn, who specializes in black and gray (and just about everything else).  He now works in a custom shop with the talented crew at Gilded Mermaid Tattoo in Ravenel, SC.  He tattoos it all, but he really enjoys tattooing Japanese, American Traditional, what he calls “Illustrative Traditional”. He doesn't execute tattoos that he thinks will fall apart over time. BOLD LINES WILL HOLD! Email him if you're interested in getting tattooed but he prefers to discuss your ideas in person so he can make sure you end up with the best tattoo. 


Dennis did a GREAT job on my tattoo! It was my first one and I had struggled with the design for a while. The tattoo was for my grandson who died at only 2 months old, so it had to be perfect. Dennis was so helpful and was very kind to a first! The place was clean and Dennis was meticulous about his instruments...I will go back again!
— Pamela T.
Timely appointment and outstanding artwork. Dennis is an artist and excellent tattooist.
— Edward C.
I have been working on my Japanese inspired 3/4 sleeve with Dennis Hickman. While I was searching around Charleston for a tattoo artist, I found it difficult to find someone that had the experience and the creativity that I was looking for in an artist. After much searching, I met Dennis Hickman. With his polished professionalism and his positive attitude, Dennis has been a joy to work with. We have made it through three sessions, and I am looking forward to having him complete my sleeve.
— Hunter B.